cyanogenic glycosides
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gardens, ornamental, woodlands

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Columbine distribution - United States

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Aquilegia vulgaris

Granny's Bonnet, Granny's Nightcap, Crowfoot, Lion's Herb, Lady's Shoes
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Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris) is a flowering herbaceous perennial which is widely distributed across Eurasisa, North Africa, and also found in the eastern United States. There are over 65 different species of Aquilegia, each one having a different color arrangement and flower pattern.

Columbine Toxic Components

A. vulgaris leaves and stems contain cyanogenic compounds, tannins, anthocyannins, and cycloartane derivatives. The leaves, stems and flower parts of A. vulgaris contain several flavonoids and phenolic acids. Alkaloids have been found in its roots.