Toxic Parts:
cardiac glycosides, saponins, protoanemonin
Flower Color:
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ornamental, gardens, woodlands

Time of Greatest Risk


Geographical Distribution

Christmas rose distribution - United States

Related Species

Christmas Rose

Helleborus niger

Black Hellebore, Winter Rose, Lenten Rose
8/ 10
Christmas rose (Helleborus niger) is a very toxic evergreen perennial flowering plant, found in the northern United States and Canada. It is found in damp, shady places and blooms from late fall through early spring--often in the snow. It is a durable, cold-hardy shrub which is closely related to the later-blooming Lenten rose (H. orientalis).

Christmas Rose Toxic Components

All parts of H. niger contain the digitalis-like glycosides helleborin, hellebrin; and the direct irritants saponins and prontoanemonin. Extra care should be taken during the holidays, as the plant is often used as a holiday decoration.