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Red Maple Poisoning in Horses

Red Maple (Acer Rubrum), also known as Swamp Maple, is a deciduous tree native to eastern North America, which is....Read more

Toxic Oleander

Oleander is an upright, rounded evergreen shrub or small tree in the dogbane family Apocynaceae. It is known for it's....Read more

Tips for Keeping Horses Hydrated During Cold Weather

During the cold weather, horses are often less inclined to drink, which can result in increased risk of dehydration and....Read more

Toxic Trees That Shouldn't be in Horse Pastures

There are a number of different tree species which are capable of causing mild to severe poisoning of horses. Cases....Read more

Controlling Fly Populations around Horses

During the summer months, flies can often become a problem where horses are kept. There are many different methods of....Read more

Understanding How to Avoid Acorn Toxicity in Horses

An infographic about acorn (oak) poisoning in horses; what it is, toxins it is caused by, when it is more....Read more

Toxic Contaminates in Horse Hay & Feed

Learn about the different toxins that can contaminate your horse's hay and feed. Discusses Blister beetles in alfalfa hay, mycotoxins,....Read more

Understanding Photosensitivity in Horses

Photosensitivity is a severe skin dermatitis that occurs in the nonpigmented (white skinned) areas of horses when exposed to sunlight,....Read more

The Complete Guide to Horse Blanketing

Learn about how to measure your horse for a blanket, whether to blanket them, parts of a blanket, horse blanketing....Read more

Lightning Strikes in Horse Pastures

Each day, approximately 44,000 thunderstorms happen across the globe. Certain areas are more prone to thunderstorms then others, and have....Read more

Oxalate Poisoning in Horses

Oxalates are strong acidic compounds found in many types of plants, which can potentially cause acute or chronic poisoning in....Read more

Horse Halloween Costumes

Top 12 horse Halloween costume ideas....Read more

Heat Stress Awareness in Horses

During the warmer summer months, horses are at a greater risk of heat stress and resulting complications. Horse owners need....Read more

Pigeon Fever

Learn more about pigeon fever in horses, what geographical areas are most effected, what signs to look for, treatments available,....Read more

Cardiovascular Conditions in Horses

Horses, especially those actively competing in athletic equestrian disciplines can acquire cardiac arrhythmias. Horse's can also develop cardiac problems due....Read more

Navicular Syndrome in Horses

Learn about navicular syndrome in horses and what to look for as far as signs, diagnosis, and treatment options available.....Read more

Elderly Horse Care Tips

There is an increasing number of older horses and many of these horse's are still very capable of continuing to....Read more

25 Ways to Improve your Stable's Air Quality

Horses that are kept in stalls are at risk of developing respiratory problems due to the large amount of airborne....Read more