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meadows, waterside

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Gomphrena weed distribution - United States

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Gomphrena Weed

Gomphrena celosioides

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Gomphrena weed (Gomphrena celosioides) is an annual or short-lived perennial belonging to the Amaranthaceae family, consisting of over 166 species found in the Americas, Australia and Indo-Malaysia. It is considered to be a problematic weed in many tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. It has oppositely positioned, short, hairy and elliptical leaves. G. celosioides produces inflorescences that are dense terminal spikes with individual white or pink flowers.

Toxic components
G. celosioides can be toxic to horses if eaten in over an extended period of time. All parts of the plant contain saponins, steroids and alcohols. G. celosioides is known to cause coastal staggers in horses in Australia.