Toxic Parts:
alkaloids, caffeine
Flower Color:
  • flower color
woodlands, shavings

Time of Greatest Risk


Geographical Distribution

Coffee  distribution - United States

Related Species


Coffea arabica

Mountain Coffee, Arabica Coffee
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Coffee (Coffea arabica) is a subtropical, evergreen shrub or tree native to Ethiopia. Coffee tree has white fragrant flowers that bloom in the wet spring then again later in the drier months. Small green oblong fruits 1 cm long follow the flowers and take 9 months to ripen. The small fruits called "cherries" ripen to a red/ purple color and most often contain two seeds.

Coffea Arabica Toxic components

The husks from the coffee tree are toxic to horses, and should not be used as bedding or made accessible for horses to consume. Several poisoning cases have occurred in horses in Brazil, when coffee husks were used as stall bedding. Coffee husks contain excessively large amounts of caffeine.