Toxic Parts:
pyridine alkaloids
Flower Color:
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meadows, woodlands, gardens

Time of Greatest Risk


Geographical Distribution

Cardinal flower distribution - United States

Cardinal Flower

Lobelia cardinalis

Indian Pink, Asthma Weed, Gag Root, Ndian Tobacco, Puke Weed, Wild Tobacco, High Belia
6/ 10
Lobelia cardinalis also known as cardinal flower, is an erect annual or perennial herb which is native to the Americas. It has tubular flowers which may be blue, pink, white, yellow, or red with distinctive petals--two small petals opposed by three large petals. Wild L. cardinalis grows along damp areas such as river banks, swamps, and wetlands. L. cardinalis is also cultivated in many areas as a pharmaceutical plant.

Toxic components
All parts of L. cardinalis are toxic and contain fourteen different pyridine alkaloids.