Other Names: 
thiamine HCL, vitamin B1, aneurin, thiaminium chloride, thiamine monochloride
Thiamine is an antineuritic, water-soluble, vitamin (vitamin B1) a precursor of the coenzyme thiamine pyrophosphate which acts in the decarboxylation of alpha keto acids and in the conversion of tryptophan to nicotinamide. It is used to treat poisonings resulting from ametryn, amitrole, atrazine, bromacil, 4-methylimidazole, 2,4-D phenoxy herbicides, glyphosate, imazapyr, picloram, prometon, MCPA, triclorpyr, lead, sulfur, horsetail
(Equisetum spp), fireweed and red sage (Kochia spp), bracken fern (Pteridium spp), lip ferns (Cheilanthes spp), male fern and wood fern (Dryopteris spp), and sensitive fern (Onoclea spp).

Dosage: 10 mg/kg, IV in fluids, q12-24h