Dental problems

Veterinary advice should be sought before applying any treatment or vaccine.

Dental Problems

Horses can develop dental problems just like humans. Some of the most commonly occurring issues include sharp edges, deciduous (milk teeth) problems, wolf teeth, hooks, ramped molars, excessive transverse ridges, steps, shear mouth, wave mouth and decayed teeth.


Difficultly chewing
Bleeding in mouth
Swelling of the face, jaw, or mouth tissues
Excessive salivation
Foul odor from mouth or nostrils
Large or undigested feed particles in manure
Bit chewing
Tongue lolling
Fighting the bit or resisting bridling
Running backwards
Head tossing
Weight loss
Chronic colic
Loss of body condition
Poor performance
Refusing to take a lead


  • Clinical signs
  • Physical exam



Regular teeth floating by a veterinarian specializing in equine dentistry.


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