Club foot

Veterinary advice should be sought before applying any treatment or vaccine.

Club Foot

Club foot is a congenital or acquired flexural deformity of the distal interphalangeal joint (DIPJ) in young horses and a hoof capsule distortion as a result of shortening of the deep digital flexor musculotendinous apparatus. Most club feet are handled while the horse is young. An acquired club foot as an adult is most likely caused by chronic lameness or an injury.

Horses with club feet are at risk of developing a number of hoof and leg injuries. Some of these injuries include toe and quarter cracks, white line disease, laminitis, poor quality hoof, contracted heels, and inflammation of the suspensory ligaments of the navicular bone. This is due to the hoofs inability to load and dissipate energy well which causes the vibratory forces to transfer into the bony digit structures.